Checked the calender, and I was old!

I heard the words “I checked the calender, and I was old’, last week – they exploded through my middle aged brain like a bomb! I felt the hairs on my arms (must get them waxed) stand to attention, my whole body shuddered and trying not to have a complete breakdown whilst listening to my (amazingly patient) husband , Blu, I felt sad, nothing but sadness for what I haven’t achieved yet and ‘wow’ ,where did the time go! I’m actually amazed I achieved the ripe old age of 40+6 because when I was raving in the late 80’s, which was anywhere there was a field that had a reasonable amount of electrical supply, I assumed 30 was going to be the age of my demise! I actually thought I’d still be raving at 30, I kind of was really as I had two children by then at 14 months apart and that was an absolute non stop partaaay! Soooooo, passing my personal milestone of 30 years old, was massive! I’m obviously invincible!

Old age, I’m coming for ya!

Things I will do to keep young:

  1. Go to the gym, very late at night so no one sees me in my Lycra!
  2. Get up an hour earlier – I’m not sure how this helps as I’m pretty sure I need more sleep now I’m old?
  3. Write my age on my hand as I actually forget daily how old I am.
  4. Play brain training apps, for 10 minutes per day (if I remember).
  5. Try laughter yoga – I can imagine making myself look like a complete tit will make me feel younger.
  6. Wear trendy clothes – I guarantee every time I pick up an item of clothing in the store, there’s a far more senior lady than myself choosing the same item of clothing.
  7. Drink less alcohol – for me this is a tricky one as I adore a glass of gin! Maybe I’ll just cut back to every other day 🥳
  8. Drink more fluids – does gin count?
  9. Gin
  10. T.B.C once i’ve achieved at least one of the above…

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