Here we go kids!

Sooooo, a lot of my conversations seem to start with this very small word? I must be conscious of this as I always seem to type it ‘soooooo’! sometimes it’s even longer, as in sooooooooooo, as if I’m going to say something really interesting! I think that’s the whole point of my blog, I don’t feel interesting any longer (sad face). At 40+6 I seem to have become a nobody, Unless you’re talking to my , children, who I’m assuming think I’m a super hero, because of all the super hero Shizz I perform on a daily basis! Oh, and my husband, slash, flat mate, slash, bestie, slash, eye candy that I never actually get to touch,,,,, I could go on slashing but it’d get boring, you get my drift though.

I’m feeling like I’d quite like to pick up life’s pace a little; get out more, be adventurous, get back to the exuberant, crazy, carefree, Nelly, Everyone knew and loved (or loathed, I can be quite annoying). This is it, this is the beginning of the new me – Could be the beginning of the end but I’m aiming for the ‘new me’ , or just a little bit of the old me would be a bonus. One, cannot have run away with the circus, unknowingly appeared in a Chinese saucy movie and raved her way through the early 80’s to end up on the proverbial scrap heap of life, surely?

Sooooo, I’m guessing the Content could be anything from:

. Recipes, as I love food way too much, more than camper vans and thats a LOT!

Socialising, Actually accepting an invite and turning up! ( harder than you may think)

. Travelling, id like to say this will show me donning a backpack, husband by my side feeling equally bohemian, but it’ll be far more exciting than that! Imagine all five of us, panicked lateness, forgetting passports, lost bags and a lot of running to catch various modes of transport.

. Some nifty interior design ideas, always on a budget! Sherbet pockets never have to leave you with a shifty home.

. Environmental issues, such a relevent and important part of all our lives.

.last but definitly not least, self care and self love, we are all amazing 🌸

So (see what I did there) if you’d like to tag along for the ride, feel free, I could reeaaalllly (must stop doing that) do with the support! You’re also guaranteed a laugh as I really am no good at most things!

Me and my man x

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