About me


Ooooh, I’m not that well equipped to talk about myself (rolls eyes as I’m writing a blog about, MYSELF) Thats not completely true, this blog is about Nelly; she is me, but she’s the naughty me, she’s the sweary, potty mouthed, outspoken me that wants to change the world and make everything super. I have had hot sweats thinking about this part of the blog or that could possibly be the onset of menopause? Any way, if you’re still interested, I’m a 46 year old girlchild who should really know better! I’ve lived a colourful life and had numerous jobs to include a photography assistant for a London mag, computer engineer ( that job was an absolute fluke and I’ll tell you about that one day), to a late night call centre girl for a dating agency, which I’m pretty sure was a sex line they’d tricked us into working for!

Far more importantly, I’m a Mummy to three fantastic people. Now, you’ll possibly hear me wine, moan and tell you that I’m ready to run for the hills but if there’s one thing in my life I did good, that was having my three home made humans. They are practically my life, My heart aches on a daily basis, not just when I see their faces but when they’re sad, happy, confused – they make a cup of tea and I want to present them with a certificate of excellence! They are my whole life and they have made me a better person, taught me empathy, patience and kindness and because they exist, I can get through anything life throws at me (and it has thrown at me).

Lolly 💕
Locket and my sunshine

My current job, this is professional position 459, is of a dog groomer and owner of Groomingdales of Kent. I love dogs, I love the smell of them, the way they make me feel, their loyalty, their trust that you will look after them forever. My two furry boys, complete our crazy home . However, As much as my day job is a huge part of my life, I prefer to keep it in my head that working with dogs is a hobby, that I love, with the bonus of getting paid. I’m not sure how much longer these shenanigans will go on for as it’s not a job I think my back will keep up with forever.

I am married to Blu, who is the most patient man on planet Earth. He is my best friend, confidant, gives fantastic cuddles wink, wink and he is the most loyal person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. It’s our joint dream to relocate to Cornwall, buy some land and ‘attempt’ a quieter life, this will be a huge part of my ramblings. Blu had a stroke in 2017 and it rocked our world; I can tell you there’s nothing quite like seeing the love of your life go through such a terrifying,  life changing event to kick you square in the nuts and remind you that every day is a blessing – we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a bloody good time!!!!!

Ma bestie

Mr Von Boo!

Prince Doofas!

The last thing you may want to know about me is – Gin, hic 

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